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Ideas exclusively designed for your top performers

High performing teams all have one thing in common, they all contain top performers that smash through targets and lead the way. Office Rockstar is a comprehensive list of all the very best incentives to motivate your high performing team, whatever your budget.  

Most successful teams has an individual who finishes above all others, an individual who finishes second and lets not forgot the dreaded wooden spoon! for that individual who finishes bottom. 

The right incentive can be critical to employee motivation and hitting those quarterly and annual sales numbers or customer satisfaction scores.

Office Rockstar has incentive suggestions from £10 to £10,000. Whether your looking for incentives for individuals or incentives for your team as a whole, we’ve got you covered.   

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  • Incentive ideas between £100-£500

  • Incentive ideas between £500-£1000

  • Incentive ideas between £1000-£10,000