Ideas exclusively designed for your top performing sales people

High performing sales teams all have one thing in common, they all contain top performers that smash through targets and lead the way.   

Most successful teams has an individual who finishes above all others, an individual who finishes second and lets not forgot the dreaded wooden spoon! for that individual who finishes bottom. 

The right incentive can be critical to employee motivation and hitting those quarterly and annual sales numbers or customer satisfaction scores.

Explore incentive suggestions from £10 to £10,000. Whether your looking for incentives for individuals or incentives for your team as a whole, we’ve got you covered.   

Rewarding your employees high performance is crucial to executing an effective employee engagement strategy.

We understand that there never seems to be enough hours in the working day, to find that perfect incentive or reward that aligns with your teams values, so at Office Rockstar we’ve done the hard work for you.

Below is a comprehensive list of amazing reward ideas for even the smallest of budgets. The great thing about smaller rewards are that the company can afford to give multiple incentives over a longer period of time.

Cash Equivalent 

The Gift Card

Sometimes the easiest and safest incentive is a good old gift card. Whether you have a team of five or five hundred you can relax knowing that a £10, £100, £500 gift card will be massively appreciated. In our opinion the safe bet is an online retailer like Amazon, whether your office rock star loves books, technology, clothing or something else they appeal to the masses. You can find the Gift Card section on Amazon here, the hardest decision is… will you give them a physical gift card or email them an electronic one!


Giving to Charity

Many organisations give to charity, but more and more employers are realising the importance of sponsoring their employees in the form of match funding donations that their office rock star has raised for charity. What better way to so show your support and encouragement by increasing the amount of money they have raised, for a cause they care about.


Experience Days

Driving Experiences

After driving performance at full throttle in the office is it now time for your office rock star to get behind the wheel and speed their way around a UK race circuit? We’ve found some of the best driving experiences in the UK under £100, at those prices maybe even the boss could get to take a spin in their dream car…


Go Karting

Maybe you’re looking for an incentive for the whole team, you want to reward the team whilst taking the opportunity to spend some quality time team building. If this is true why not Go Karting? Go Karting  will bring out the competitive spirit in even your least competitive team member. Here’s a selection of Go Karting Experiences at very reasonable prices.


Afternoon Tea

Maybe your office rock star would prefer less speed and more food! Treat them to a sumptuous afternoon tea so they can enjoy a selection of handmade delights. You can find some of the very best here.


Food and Drink


Spa Day

The office environment can be stressful, that’s why many employers offer spa days as incentives. These incentives allow your high performers to get some relaxation in to get them fully recharged, just before they go again raising their performance even further. Whether it’s a beauty treatment or spa day we’ve got you covered for under £100. 



London Day Out

Would your high performer prefer this as an incentive: London day out? Do they love travelling to vibrant cities that have it all going on? If so a day out in London could be just what they wanted.